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Let your kids cook for their guests


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In My Baby Chef: Panda's Kitchen, you're a panda that has invited all her friends to have dinner. Make a different dish for each friend and impress them with your best recipes. Make sure to serve dishes that they'll like so they don't leave before the dinner's over.

Open the fridge and grab all the ingredients you need to prepare a good steak, pork chop, or freshly-caught fish. Anything you could possibly need is in the refrigerator, including veggies like onions, peppers, and carrots. Once you've selected the food you need, put it on the cutting board and chop it up. As you cook, taste the food to make sure your guests will like it once it's done.

Once your friends have finished eating, you'll have to serve dessert by choosing from the different fruits in the fridge. Put them in a blender and blend it into a milk shake or juice. Make sure you pay attention to what your guests like so they enjoy what you give them.

My Baby Chef: Panda's Kitchen is a fun game through which your kids will learn to cook healthy recipes. The gameplay is simple, letting you drag your finger on the screen to complete each action. With My Baby Chef: Panda's Kitchen, even the youngest kids can practice cooking dinner.
By Taryn